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Brother Owen Justinian Sadlier O. S. F.

Brother Owen Justinian Sadlier O. S. F.Brother Owen Justinian Sadlier was born July 24, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York to James and Catherine Sadlier. He has one sister, Catherine Maloney.

Brother own entered the Fraciscan Brothers of Brroklyn Community on July 5, 1963. He Received his Franciscan habit on January 6, 1964. He was First Professed on Auguest 2, 1965, and took his Final Vows on Auguest 2, 1970.

Brother Own attended Saint Fancis Preparatory school. He later received his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English from Saint Francis College, and went on to receive his Master’s degree in English from the University of Notre Dame. In addition, he received a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Catholic University of America, where he was named a licentiate. He also attended Catholic University of America as a Ph D candidate.

Brother own has taught in many different schools over the years, from elementary to college level, including his alma maters Saint Francis Preparatory school and Saint Francis College, where he is presently teaching Philosophy. He has also coached football and field events helping guide students both academically and recreationally.

He is a valuable member of the Philosophy department at Saint Francis College. He is well-like and respected by his colleagues and students alike. For him, teaching is a way to help strengthen Catholics families. He also enjoys the interpersonal exchange that he believes is an indispensable part of the vocation of teaching.

Brother Owen has been an asset to his Franciscan Community, as well as the teaching community. Currently, he is deeply concerned with making Franciscan sources available. He’s also working with Professor Timothy Noone, Ph D of the Catholic University of America towards raising funding to edit and publish critical Latin edition of Duns Scotus writings. Along with that, Brother Owen has authored many journal articles and has been featured on the television series “My God and My All,” spreading gospel values through the media.

His passion is an inspiration to others, and it quickly spreads to everyone he encounters. Brother Owen is an extraordinary human being able to combine true love of his students and a love of athletics with a love of both the church and it’s theological and philosophical underpinnings while accomplishing all this with self-effacing humility.